Lake and peatland research centre
Exploring the past to protect our future

Lake and Peatland Research Centre was created with the aim: 

    • To conduct scientific research, to inform and educate society about the environment, especially about the lakes and peatlands and related processes in the past, present and possible changes in the future;
    •  With fundamental and constructive activities to help reinforce long-term usage of natural resources, especially gyttja and peat resources;
    •  To promote understanding of the importance of scientific research and the application possibilities in peatland and lake management;
    •  based on the research results to develop methods and recommendations for a lake, peatland and surrounding environment management, to promote good practices and sustainable environmental development;
    •  to collaborate with local and international organizations, societies, government institutions, entrepreneurs, and individuals associated with lakes, peat bogs and environmental research and/or management.

    While studying and working at universities in Latvia, Estonia, and Finland, and working in other institutions we have gained knowledge and now we want to share them with society. Also in our daily work, we can see that there is, even more, to know about our nature values.  Therefore, we will implement projects to share the already existing knowledge and acquire new and then share it again. Let's meet by the lakes, in the peatlands, forests, lectures, lessons, or meetings to decide together what kind of environment we want to live in and how to manage the nature resources.

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